Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hair detox?!

For some reason, society expects women to straighten, curl, crimp (and whatever else one can do with their hair) on a daily basis. As well as being time consuming, it is also damaging for the hair, despite all these heat protection sprays on sale.

About a month ago now, I decided enough was enough. My hair would sometimes smell singed and I found that despite spraying large quantities of heat protection spray onto my precious locks, it just didn't seem to be enough: my hair seemed flat and dry and I had numerous split ends.

I decided to go onto what I call a hair detox! In the past month, I've only used my hair straighteners once (and that was because one section of my hair simply refused  to lay flat. It seemed to be my hair's middle finger, sticking up and mocking me.)

There are so many ways that a woman can make her hair look pretty without heated appliances. There was a time when I wouldn't dream of going out without straightening my fringe because it would be wavy and unruly; however (I will admit this probably works better with a side fringe like mine), I found that by keeping a towel on my head until my hair was just damp instead of wet and then using 3 or 4 grips to hold my fringe in its usual place after I had combed it, it would dry relatively straight anyway. I also do this with the other side of my hair so overall, the hair that frames my face is straight.

As for curling, why don't us girlies do it the old-fashioned way and use rags/rollers? It will have virtually the same effect and it's not like anyone's going to see you when you're in this state. The secret to how you get lovely curly hair is yours and yours alone! I have a friend who uses rags to curl her hair; add her luscious dark tumbling locks and pouting lips to the equation and she looks like a 1950s pin-up...she also uses an artistically placed headscarf to add to this effect.

Or if you want simple waves, plait your hair whilst it's damp and once it has dried (naturally, don't cheat!) you will have simple yet pretty waves.

So, come on, girls. Don't be a slave to those heated appliances that are constantly making you late to work and dinner dates with friends. You can look just as good by using simpler, cheaper and healthier methods. Even if you didn't do any of the above to your hair, you're not going to look terrible; you'll just look how Nature intended you to look and if some shallow person can't handle this, they don't deserve any friends least of all you! I know it's easier said than done but don't look at all these celebrities in the makeup, perfume and hair adverts: these adverts display an unrealistic vision of what a woman should look like. For example, if you look at the Loreal advert (it is Loreal, right? I don't have a TV at university) with Cheryl Cole, the small text that briefly flashes on the bottom of the screen states that it's not Loreal who made her look like a lollypop with a heap of dark tumbling spaghetti on her head: it was fake hair extensions! So she doesn't really look like that. No woman has flawless skin or hair. We are all human after all and no human, try as they might, is perfect. But that's what makes us all beautifully unique.  


  1. I love my hair - just wet it a bit, then put some mousse in it! Sorted! And it only takes 5 mins out of my morning :P

  2. I will be honest and say I've never tried mousse but I'll most definitely give it a go! :D I hear it's quite good for that natural, beachy tousled look :)