Saturday, 3 December 2011

Words cannot describe how happy I am!

A few months ago, I received a letter informing me that I had been shortlisted in the National Poetry Anthology 2011 competition, which is run by the publishers United Press. I was flattered to know that they had appreciated and enjoyed what I had written...I was ecstatic though when they went on to tell me that they were publishing my poem along with other poets' works in an upcoming anthology!

I came home from university last night and on my bed, there was a huge parcel! Inside this parcel, there were 6 advance copies of the anthology! Words cannot describe how I feel at the moment. Seeing my work and my name in print and knowing that they're there because other people enjoyed it is a indescribable feeling.

I've been reading the other poems in the anthology and all I can say is that I'm proud to share a book with these talented people!

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